Welcome to YORI

– The Traditional Korean Restaurant located in Heart of London –

YORI [요리] is traditionally pronounced in the Korean word of meaning ‘Cooked Food’ in English. As reflected in this title, we are aiming for serving the Korean traditional food with freshness and absolute taste. For our cooking, we are only using high quality and fresh ingredients by our cooks who are believing that ‘The best ingredient almost determines the best quality food‘.

Based on these our basis, we are also making a best fit of taste to non-korean people, especially who is trying a Korean food first time. Once they have tried our food, they are getting additive straight away. Besides, these people can have a totally different experience with our Korean food. For example, they can try many side dishes, so called Ban-Chan [반찬]. One of the most popular Ban-Chan is Kim-Chi [김치].

In addition, YORI is just exactly in the heart of London – Panton street – where many tourists’ attractions, such as The National Gallery, Piccadilly Circus, Many Theatres, China Town, even Big Ben, Westminster, and Buckingham Palace are absolutely nearby (see also ‘Where We Are‘). So, any of you, including local people and tourists, can easily reach us when you come to these places for your relax. Here, our best food made with our quality-guaranteed are making your journey very best.

Lastly, we believe everyone, who visits us, get the best Korean food experience with us. For this, we are always trying to provide the best Korean food in London, and even in UK.

Enjoy your time in YORI !